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A new e-commerce platform where businesses and creators alike can integrate branded, show-stopping auctions, across any website or social media channel.

Privacy policy

The Basta System is not designed (or intended) to process or manage any sensitive data, which includes sensitive data or information that is legally required to be protected against unwarranted disclosure, and includes without limitation (i) protected health information (which by way of illustration but not limitation includes such data as defined under HIPAA), or other similarly sensitive personal information, and/or (ii) special categories of personal data (such as those set forth in Article 9 of the GDPR) with respect to any natural person and/or (iii) any payment card information. Basta does not permit or cause its users to disclose any Sensitive Data to the Basta System.

From time to time, Basta may work with third party vendors for the purposes of verifying and authenticating bidder information. Basta will never retain this information for longer than the auction period and will not have access to any such personal or sensitive user information upon auction close. This is solely for the limited purpose of running a safe and secure auction experience.